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DMX may join Rick Ross’ Maybach Music label

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ever since 2008, DMX has been working on his comeback album. DMX’ release was supposed to bring Ruff Ryders back to the forefront. Swizz Beatz announced the big comeback last summer. He promised the Ruff Ryders’ roster would double in size and release new albums from DMX and Eve.

DMX has been in and out of prison and has finally received his official release. Now that he is out, DMX is ready to really get back in the studio. Offers have come from other labels and X has considered quite a few of them. The most interesting off has come from Maybach Music.

Rick Ross has been on a tear, signing new artists left and right for over six months. Out of nowhere, Maybach Music has gone from being a crew to a major imprint of Warner Bros. In only a year, Rick Ross went from being a Southern rapper with buzz to being one of the biggest names, outside of the Young Money family.

Along with becoming a true boss in the rap game, Rick Ross is also becoming a major executive. DMX said he received a letter from Maybach Music about signing to the label, while he was behind bars. Ever since he received the letter, DMX said he has been thinking about the offer. X respects Ross, as an artist, but said he might not sign to Maybach Music because Ross is a member of Illuminati. DMX said he wants to record a song with Rick Ross, but he is not quite sure about the record label.

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