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Joell Ortiz speaks on “Big Pun Back” debaccle

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When Rick Ross and Meek Mill released their “Tupac Back” single, rappers began honoring deceased rappers. For years, many have credited Joell Ortiz as the new Big Pun. But, when he finally decided to honor Pun, he came under fire.

Joell Ortiz recorded “Big Pun Back” in hopes of having the same reaction Rick Ross and Meek Mill had. The hard way, the “new Puerto Rico guy” had to learn it is not wise to follow certain hip hop trends. Big Pun’s widow has taken offense.

Throughout this week, Liza Rios has been calling the new song disrespectful. Yesterday, Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine agreed the song was disrespectful. This has all come as a shock to Joell Ortiz.

In previous meetings with Liza Rios, Joell Ortiz said she often told him how proud Big Pun would be of him, if he were alive today. Now, after recording, what he thought, was a tribute track, Joell Ortiz is surprised she would take offense to the song. Joell Ortiz said it is surprising because he has done Big Pun tribute songs in the past. He said he thought they were all on the same side and he still feels that way.

Before going on to say he does not have to check in with anybody about anything, Joell Ortiz said he was also surprised Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine took that stance. Numerous times, Ortiz said he has spent time with Rios and the former Terror Squad members. Now, all of a sudden, they are all upset with him over what he thought was a tribute song.

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