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Nas thinks George W. Bush should offer More Support to President Obama

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nasty Nas is not done airing out the GOP. After their negative reaction to Common being invited to the White House, Nas spoke out in defense. Nas ended up calling out Fox News, saying the conservative network was actually afraid of black people and the hip hop movement.

Throughout his first three years in office, President Obama has been fighting an uphill battle. While his innovative ideas are what got him elected, the resistance from Congress is what may cost him a chance at a second term. Things turned around for Obama when he captured terrorist, Osama Bin Laden.

During his time as president, Republican George W. Bush promised he would capture Bin Laden. When he ended his presidency, with all-time lows, Bush left with little to say to the public. In the years Obama has been president, the media has heard very little from the former president. Nas would like for all of this to change.

The Queens rapper feels America should be seeing more of George W. Bush. Nas said Bush should be standing right beside President Obama and talking to the people he was once “leading.” It is almost like someone who got away with something and does not want to show his face now, according to Nas. He thinks Bush should come back to the spotlight, only for a little while, to address the Bin Laden situation, for the people.