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Raaddrr Van talks "Rap War" and New Music [Interview]

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”320″ j8=”true” src=”” width=”218″ //a/divBy The Hip Hop Writerbr /Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writerbr /br /Five months ago, Hip Hop Vibe reached out to Raaddrr Van and he gave us an exclusive interview. At the time, Raaddrr discussed a few of his planned projects. The Wu-Tang rapper has been involved in several projects in the time since his /br /Raaddrr Van has landed partnerships with several different companies. The rapper has even ventured into the clothing business with a role with Royal Gear Clothing. In the next few months, he wants to deliver a new series of /br /Recently, a video for his single, “Rap War,” was released to the public and it has been a moderate success. The video is available on several other hip hop sites, including Raaddrr Van is excited about the new /br /Raaddrr Van gave Hip Hop Vibe an exclusive update through the phone /br /strongRaaddrr Van, update fans on what’s been going on since we last talked?/strongbr /Okay, since the last interview, I have been in San Francisco making moves. I am fighting for custody for my daughters and so far things are going well. For the most part, I have been taking care of my daughters, going to parenting classes and focusing on being a better /br /strongHow are things out there on the West Coast?/strongbr /Things out here on the West Coast are crazy. The weather sucks and this is new for me, it is up and down all of the time. I didn’t think San Francisco has the weather it has. See, I’m in Northern California and the weather is not the same up here. In the past, I have been in Southern California and the weather is always nice out there. But, the people are nice here and I have been loving it. I haven’t had the chance to put my mack down, but the West Coast is /br /strongHow did the “Rap War” video come about?/strongbr /Oh, that’s a beautiful question, thank you. “Rap War” was my single released circa 2003 for my album, emThe Booth, The Mic, The Lyrics/em. The album was not released until 2005, but “Rap War” was the favorite track for the album before I even laid the track. It has been well-received, as people gain different perspectives on the “Rap War.” It can be seen as either hip hop or politics. At that time, New York hip hop was struggling and the mayor, Michael Bloomberg wasn’t doing anything. We were also still suffering from 9/11 and the track, itself, was just full of /br /Me and my team always talked about the video and we envisioned helicopters and things in the video. But, when the video was done, some of the things were cut out. For the most part, the video was all that I wanted and the track is still relevant to 2011. Isn’t it funny how the video dropped on May 1, 2011 and the same day Osama Bin Laden ends up being killed. Even in 2011, it is a war in both hip hop music and all over the world. The song is eight years old and it is still a war going, rappers are going at emcees. The battle for supremacy in hip hop is still ongoing until this /br /I had the idea for the video and I found a nice deal with State of Mind Films in San Francisco. Backtracking, think about how there is a Black president now and everything people have talked about has happened under his watch. My lyrics on this song, written eight years ago, is exactly what Obama did to Bin Laden, think about it. The same methods he used, is what I told these rappers in “Rap War.” So, that is where the “Rap War” comes /br /strongIs “Rap Wars” the introduction to a new project?/strongbr /No, “Rap War” is not a part of the new project, but there is a “Rap War 2″ on the /br /strongWho are you working with this time around?/strongbr /I’m working with some talented brothers. I’m working with State of Mind Films, SOM Frisco and they continue in the path of real hip hop, just like me. I also work with Julian Patrick, a dope ass producer. He is the hottest producer I know, aside from my personal producer. Patrick does work for many artists in the Bay Area. I had the chance to meet these other artists and they got skills too. With this being my first time working in the West Coast, the experience has been going well. We got a East meets West movement going /br /strongExactly what is your role with Royal Gear Clothing?/strongbr /My role in Royal Gear is for me to show and prove, to make a statement in Royal Gear. We show royalty over here to say black people can do this. It is about black people rocking their royalty, showing black people can do this clothing thing. My role is to promote and rock the gear while I’m out here to let people know in hip hop and beyond that Royal Gear is the clothing line of 2011 and the /br /strongHave you met any new talent since you’ve been out West?/strongbr /Yeah, the artists I told you about that work with Julian Patrick and the other people who have had their videos done by State of Mind /br /strongWill you soon be performing at local events?/strongbr /I’m hoping I can in the near future. I have been working with Hip Hop Vibe and I hope this can open doors for me to performing. I hope this can lead to me doing shows, not only out West, but also down South. So, yes, I will be putting a few shows together /br /strongHow have the fans treated you out there?/strongbr /The fans are definitely paying attention and most of them know who Raaddrr Van is. But, others do not realize until they see my Wu-Tang tattoo. When I’m out in public, fans run up to me and ask me questions and some even want autographs. For the most part, the fans have treated me well out /br /strongAre you working with any West Coast artists?/strongbr /Yeah. I got a few different artists I’m gonna be collaborating with. Between the other people Julian Patrick works with and SOM Frisco, we will be doing major /br /strongHow is San Francisco different from New York?/strongbr /More than anything else, the weather. Out here in San Francisco, the weather is always back and forth and I can’t stand that. Back in New York, it’s either cold or hot. But, San Francisco just has a different vibe than back home in New /br /strongWhat is the best and worst about each place?/strongbr /The food, point blank. I’m not used to eating Mexican food in San Francisco. New York has a wide variety of food, there is so much to choose from. San Francisco only has Mexican for the most part and something called Gumbo, I’m not even familiar with. Also, the people dress differently from New York out here. The people also have different /br /strongAre you still signed to EMI? /strongbr /No doubt, definitely. I’m getting ready to relaunch with Van Live, we got a new project coming, me and Marc Live. We will drop the new Kannadi Spades album on EMI, it’s gonna be one of those classic albums and EMI will be behind it. Van Live/EMI, that’s the way it’s gonna be.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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