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Nicki Minaj working on “Pink Friday” follow-up

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

While still promoting Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj is thinking about her future. Recently, when discussing her upcoming projects, she hinted about being back in the studio. Four months ago, Nicki released her debut album, Pink Friday.

The album was the first major release by a female rapper in years and was heavily promoted. Due to all of this promotion, the album has been a commercial success. Critics praise Nicki Minaj for bringing lyricism back to hip hop.

Pink Friday has broken nearly every record posted by female rappers over the past few years. Nicki Minaj is proud of her accomplishments, but she wants more. Despite her success, doubters think she is only a fad.

Even with a high-profile feud and winning, Nicki Minaj has doubters. She says her next album, which could be released this year, will put all of the critics to rest. Nicki also hinted at giving a true diss record to Lil’ Kim on the album.

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