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Lil’ Kim says Nicki Minaj brought beef on Herself

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As the beef with Nicki Minaj gains more and more publicity, more explanation has come from Lil’ Kim. She said when she first found out about Nicki Minaj, she began trying to work with Cash Money Records. Birdman was receptive to allowing Lil’ Kim to mentor Nicki.

But, when Nicki Minaj discovered what was about to happen, she reportedly turned Lil’ Kim down. Right when she exploded, Lil’ Kim began dissing her. In the eyes of the media, Lil’ Kim is the bad guy. However, Lil’ Kim said Nicki has brought this all down on herself.

Lil’ Kim said their beef stems from Nicki Minaj taking her style without paying homage. Recently, she said Nicki Minaj and her team underestimated her. Lil’ Kim said they expected her to sit back, while they ran off with her style and she was to say nothing. While Lil’ Kim is trying to act in a professional manner, she will not continue to be as nice as she has to Nicki Minaj.

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