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Kanye West’s “Monster” video Banned, promotes violence against Women

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

History has repeated itself for Kanye West, but not in a good way. Before “All of the Lights” was promoted as the third single from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the posse cut, “Monster,” was picked as the third single. An unmastered version of the video was released to the public.

But, for unknown reasons, the official video was never actually premiered. During this time, “All of the Lights” was released to the radio. Late last month, the official video was released and created controversy. The video was removed from YouTube and television because it could cause seizures.

In addtion to being a health scare, critics panned the video because Kanye West got the idea from a French film. Even with all of the controversy, the video was reposted and the song is a hit. Now, Kanye West is ready to go back and complete the “Monster” video. Off the bat, the music video channels refuse to play the video.

A women’s organization has filed petitions against all of the video networks if they air the video. In December, the video leaked and featured women’s corpses laying around. The women feel as if the video will promote violence against women. Barely out of hot water with one video and Kanye West is already back in trouble because of another video, which has yet to be officially released by his team. Kanye West has taken everything in stride and has ignored his recent run of bad luck.

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