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Kanye West wins Suge Knight lawsuit

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Usually, Kanye West intends to avoid beef with other rappers, despite being very outspoken. Detractors of West refer to him as a bully, especially after the Taylor Swift incident. But, throughout most of his rap career, Kanye West has had beef with one of hip hop’s most dangerous men.

In 2005, Kanye West hosted a party in Miami. That night, the “who’s who” in hip hop showed up. Several rival rappers attended the party and a shooutout occurred. Suge Knight was among the people at West’s party and he ended up getting shot. For some time, Knight has had financial woes.

Suge Knight assumed he could make a few quick millions by suing Kanye West. For well over five years, his case has been in court. Recently, Suge Knight was forced to take in another loss, as the judge ruled in favor of Kanye West. Knight filed an appeal in December 2010, but recently decided to drop the appeal, as it has become evident he will likely lose the entire case.

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