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Nicki Minaj sets record with “Pink Friday”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With all of the attention on her, Nicki Minaj continues to break records in the hip hop game. Many credit Nicki Minaj for saving the nearly extinct female rap game. There are many who praise Nicki for this, and some, Lil’ Kim, who despise her for this. Even with the negative attention, Nicki Minaj continues to break records.

Last month, Pink Friday hit the top of the Billboard Hot 200, the first album from a female rapper to do so since Eve in 1999. The month before, Pink Friday went platinum. Nicki Minaj was the first female rapper to go platinum in well over a decade, as well. Even though her album was released in November, it has consistently sold well.

Fourteen weeks have now passed and Pink Friday has remained in the top ten each week. Nicki Minaj has now broken the record for consecutive weeks in the top ten for a female rapper. It seems she breaks a new record each week and has been doing so well before she released her album. Last summer, her “Your Love” single reached the top of the rap charts, becoming the first female rapper since Eve to top those charts.

As the year goes on, Nicki Minaj hopes she can break new records.

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