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Pill is honored to be on Maybach Music

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In January, Rick Ross went on a signing frenzy, adding artists left and right to Maybach Music. Last fall, Ross boasted of how he may end up signing Wale. During the early days of 2011, Rick Ross made things official and added him to the label. Less than a week later, he also added Pill to the label.

With Rick Ross being one of the hottest rappers in the game and signing some of the hottest underground rappers, many executives began to take notice. Maybach Music had yet to have a solid distributor and many labels wanted to become that. Birdman announced Ross would likely sign with Cash Money.

Aside from Birdman, Jay-Z, Diddy, and Warner Bros. were trying to land a deal for Maybach Music. In the end, Rick Ross decided he wanted to set up shop with Warner Bros. Now that the deal is official, Rick Ross has decided to begin working on new projects. Each of the Maybach Music artists are working on their own solo material and a new Triple C’s album is in the works.

Pill opened up about how life with Maybach Music has been treating him. When asked, Pill said he was honored to be a part of the label. His primary reason for signing was because of Rick Ross’ music. Pill also admitted he liked the way Rick Ross put the movement together. He remembered listening to Rick Ross and admiring his beats and now he has full access to all of the beats. Because of this, and the prestige, Pill is happy to be a part of Maybach Music.

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