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Lil Wayne hits back at Jay-Z’s "Baby Money" diss

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before the release of American Gangster, Lil Wayne was trying to start a feud with Jay-Z. Wayne was upset with how Jay-Z said he had to come back and “save” rap. While Wayne admitted hip hop was Jay-Z’s house when he left, it was no longer his house when he came back.

Jay-Z had named himself the best rapper alive before he retired from the game in 2003. Following his retirement, Lil Wayne said he was the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired. But, over the years, he began calling himself simply the best rapper alive.

Lil Wayne surprised those wanting to see a full-blown beef between he and Jay-Z when he collaborated with him on Jay-Z’s 2007 album. Soon, Lil Wayne became one of the biggest supporters of Jay-Z, taking his side on almost every hip hop discussion. But, after Tha Carter III, Wayne saw himself as an equal to Jay-Z and so did Birdman.

When Jay-Z was winning awards for emThe Blueprint 3/em, Birdman said he was undeserving, crediting the other president Carter as the better rapper with the better album. Soon, Birdman turned things into a money debate, saying Lil Wayne made more money in 2010 than Jay-Z. For most of 2010, Birdman had many slight jabs for Jay-Z. Jay-Z responded to the Cash Money disses on his “H.A.M” single, saying the father and son only had “baby money,” less than his lady’s money.

Last month, Birdman responded to the diss, saying he would continue to spend his “baby money,” as it multiplies as fast as he can spend it. Lil Wayne responded to the comment earlier today, saying he is likely not to respond to the diss. Wayne gave Jay-Z his props on the slight diss, but also said he could get Jay-Z back through his own wittiness. Even though he did not rule responding out, Lil Wayne said he is not interested in trying to start another beef with Jay-Z.