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Did Dr. Dre diss 50 Cent on “I Need a Doctor?”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the weekend, Dr. Dre released the video of the first official single off Detox. Teaming up with Eminem and Skylar Grey, Dre has turned heads with the latest song. In the lyrics, Dr. Dre hits back at all of the critics who have written him off over the past twelve years.

Along the way, Dr. Dre has introduced many new artists into the game. Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Game are among the stars Dr. Dre has made. But, he has worked with many other artists. Now, many of the people Dre helped to gain exposure have had negative things to say about him.

50 Cent has been among the most vocal Dr. Dre critics over the past two months. Last month, 50 Cent called Dre out because he, along with Interscope Records boss, Jimmy Iovine, were mad over his headphones, The Sleek by 50. In a long Twitter rant, 50 Cent dissed them both. Before the end of the week, 50 had made up with his former boss, Jimmy Iovine, and he promised to make up with Dre, but Dr. Dre played dumb the entire time.

Weeks after the 50 Cent diss, Dr. Dre officially releases “I Need a Doctor” and he rhymes about the people he helped who remained loyal, crediting Eminem. But, Dr. Dre also talks about those who were ungrateful, calling them backstabbers. In not as many words, Dr. Dre pretty much called out 50 Cent over his actions ever since the 2007 flop on Curtis. Ever since 50 Cent has been suffering low album sales, he has been blaming the entire Aftermath/Interscope team.

Eminem said Dr. Dre has been reading all of the websites and hearing all of the disses. Obviously, this was true, as Dr. Dre responded to every comment made about him since 1999. But, did Dr. Dre call 50 Cent out on his latest hit, “I Need a Doctor?”

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