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HHV’s Exclusive interview with Raaddrr Van

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last night, Hip Hop Vibe landed an exclusive interview with Raaddrr Van of Wu-Tang Clan. In a very candid discussion, he spoke of his plans for the new year. The rapper also discussed his most-recent album, Street Monoply.

Raaddrr Van opened up on his feelings about the Wu, his relationship with RZA and his new label. In his time off, Raadrr Van launched his own label, Van Live Entertainment. He has major plans for the new label later on this year.

Read the full interview below.

HHV: Why did you choose to stay away from the major labels?

RV: Major labels, to me, are a way to get world wide promotion. It’s not like I stayed away from the majors! The majors came to me. My album, Street Monopoly dropped on May 25 of last year on EMI and thaks to Kool Keith and his cousin, Marc Live, which is my best friend and rap partner, he brought EMI my way and the rest is history.

HHV: What type of effect do you feel Street Monoply will have on 2011?

RV: Street Monoply will have on 2011 the real street no holds barred rap shit. The cause and effect will separate my album from a Lil Wayne album etc.

HHV: What producers do you have on the album?

RV: What producers on the album you ask me? I’m the main producer with help from RZA, MARC LIVE! AND HB.

HHV: Which artists worked with you on this album?

RV: Shyhiem, Killa Priest, and Killarmy!

HHV: As a veteran in the game, how do you feel about the younger artists?

RV: As a veteran in the game, the younger artists needs to know more than what they only think they know, as far as you don’t have too keep on with that bullshit pop rap you can still get paid! Just know that the the young’ns are listening and watching, that’s all.

HHV: Who are your favorite artists in the game?

RV: My favorite artists in the game are no longer in this wackass rap game. Artists that I know, you never ever heard of them, son I won’t call out no names, but just to give you a hint… they’re from the 1990’s son, I’m sorry to say but the real aspect of hip hop is dead.

HHV: If you had to go back to the start of your career, would you do this the same way?

RV: If I had to go back to the start of my career, I would, indeed. Except fucking with the wrong niggaz I started out with R.I.P. K FUNK! K was a great friend of mine who put me on to who’s who but I didn’t listen and he passed on, but still guiding me.

HHV: Can you tell us a little bit about Van Live Entertainment?

RV: Me and my partner, Marc Live, came up with that name together for a group album called Kannadi Spadez. We had so much going on! Didn’t get the chance to use Van Live on any project yet, but its in the works.

HHV: Were any Van Live artists featured on Street Monoply?

RV: NO, the next album no doubt!

HHV: Did you feel you had to create something separate from Wu Tang?

RV: Nothing’s really separate still got that Shaolin BK sound.

HHV: Can you explain your relationship with RZA?

RV: Relationship with the RZA was always cool. I got my knowledge from RZA and had long talks with RZA, a very humble brother.

HHV: Outside of rap, what are your plans for this year?

RV: Well, outside of rap and bullshit, my plans for this year are to gain joint or full custody of my lil’ ladies and make lots of money and have stabillity, that’s it.

HHV: Ten years from now, will Street Monoply be hailed as a classic?

RV: I don’t know, I’m hoping. I need the real hip hop heads out here in this wackass rap world to step up to the plate for the real shit in order for my music ten years from now to be classic.

HHV: Are you a fan of current hip hop?

RV: Hells NO. Next questions, so called hip hop, which is no where near hip hop, I can’t fuck with it. KRS said it best the real hip hop is from the 90’s that’s why I don’t like the current.

HHV: What do you bring that is different to the table?

RV: The same thing that Method Man, Rakim, and KRS-One bring, knowledge and substance, that’s it.

HHV: Where can fans hear more of you?

RV: Fans can hear and stay connected with my internet radio station, 24/7 hip hop. Peace.

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