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50 Cent makes $8 million through H&H Imports

50 Cent 4 (1)By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

50 Cent built an empire when he finally made it into the game. It is widely-known that fame only lasts a little while, but the money can last for a lifetime. Off the support of his debut album, 50 launched a clothing line and a record label.

Before long, music became his side-hustle as he created a film company, G-Unit Films, and invested in Vitamin Water. His investment in Vitamin Water took him from being regular rich to being insanely rich. 50 Cent is worth well over $300 million.

With so much money, the rapper spends most of his time investing his money. Last October, 50 Cent invested in H&H Imports. Yesterday, via Twitter, 50 Cent talked about the venture and his shares.

50 Cent’s tweets helped make him another fortune. While Lloyd Banks discussed his first million dollars, his boss was out making eight more. With stock in H&H Imports rising, 50 Cent soon found himself $8 million richer.

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