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Beanie Sigel re-ignites Jay-Z feud, brings Kanye West in

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ ox=”true” src=”” //a/divBy The Hip Hop Writerbr /Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writerbr /br /Last fall, Beanie Sigel discussed the state of Roc-A-Fella Records and his undying support for the man who helped him into the game, Jay-Z. Following the September interview, Beanie Sigel released a track dissing Jay-Z. Initially, he stated this was not a free pass for rappers to begin sounding off on his former mentor. However, only a few months later, he brought 50 Cent into his feud with /br /br /Following five months of disses, the most Beanie Sigel got was an offer of peace from Memphis Bleek, which he soundly rejected. Beanie Sigel had been credited as one of the most-respected rappers in the game until he sounded off on Jay-Z. In the time since he went at Jay-Z, Beans has also dissed Lil Wayne, T.I., and Drake. In a short span, he has lost all of his credibility and most of his /br /Beanie Sigel said he felt The Blueprint 3, after listening to it, had some hidden disses, which were aimed at him and other members of the Roc. This was his initial basis for the feud and he feels “Haters,” the song by Jay-Z featuring Kanye West, was one of the many disses aimed at him. Only one year following the release of the song, Beanie Sigel has responded and he is not holding anything /br /On the song, Beanie Sigel continues his assault against Jay-Z over the “Haters” beat. Kanye West is not spared on the track, either. He takes multiple shots at his sexuality on the song, including the way he dresses. In the song, Kanye West is labeled “Ye Queeeeeer.” The song is likely to warrant yet another non-response from anyone from the Roc Nation camp.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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