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Kodak Black goes in on T.I., on IG Live, over his alleged diss track, calling his son gay and Tiny ugly #FamilyHustle [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer For those keeping track, all of this began over Lauren London, right after Nipsey Hussle died. Instead of just offering condolences, Kodak Black made disrespectful comments about Lauren London. Her man just died and Kodak offered to replace him. Kodak Black, instead of simply apologizing, continued to

Black Jezuss, an up-and-coming Chicago rapper, was shot yesterday, left on life support, with reports saying he’s brain dead #PrayForBlackJezuss

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer It's sad that this seems to be happening, once again. Not only is the hip hop world still reeling from losing Nipsey Hussle, but Black Jezuss was among the people posting about it. Now, the Chicago rapper, himself, finds himself in an eerily similar situation. Black Jezuss

Juice WRLD talks mental health, heartbreak, Nicki Minaj, new music, and more on “The Breakfast Club” [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Last year, Juice WRLD caught everybody who wasn't paying attention by surprise. The Chicago rapper had a unique sound and a wave that surrounded "Lucid Dreams," his breakout single. After much opposition, that single topped Billboard. Juice WRLD was one of 2018's breakout artists and is now

Big Boy speaks out and also denounces Kodak Black, for his disrespectful comments to Lauren London about Nipsey Hussle, and doesn’t accept his apology, also adding that he will also no longer support him or his career [PHOTO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Everything that happened with Nipsey Hussle was just so sudden and so unexpected. The impact he was having in the community and how the music industry was just beginning to embrace him was amazing. As he was reaching his potential, he was taken away. There was a

Justin Credible announces Power 106 will no longer play Kodak Black’s music, or support him in any way, after his disrespectful comments towards Lauren London in the wake of Nipsey Hussle’s death

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Over the weekend, Kodak Black has definitely caused more controversy, but most agree he went too far, this time. With the death of rapper, Nipsey Hussle, almost all the news has been about him. Before his death, Nipsey and Lauren London got back together. Seeing how there

Kodak Black isn’t remorseful for his comments about Lauren London, letting T.I., and everybody else know that she’s single, now, and tells T.I. he’s in Georgia right now [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer In a very short period of time, Kodak Black has made all of the OGs in the game very upset with him. But, this is nothing new for Kodak, who ended up going at Master P, a couple of years ago. The popular rapper is one