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Young MA tells fans to get off the situation with her and Kodak Black, letting them know she’ll handle it, calling him and the fans weird, again, saying she knows she’s a female, blasting those for making this into a joke [VIDEO]

  By Tamantha Staff Writer Not too long ago, Kodak Black put a song out, where he mentioned wanting to smash Young M.A. Since 2016, Young M.A has been a prominent figure in the industry. Three years ago, "OooUuu" was her breakout hit single. Young M.A is often the subject of rumors, with

Kodak Black responds to Young MA, asking her how is she a girl, but doesn’t want to be penetrated, leading to Twitter going IN on him [VIDEO]

  By Tamantha Staff Writer What Kodak Black says and does should not come as a surprise to anyone. The Florida rapper, since rising to fame, has done some very odd things. That's why him saying he wanted to smash Young M.A wasn't a surprising thing. However, Young M.A actually entertaining it made

Young M.A rants about Kodak Black rapping about smashing her, calling him “weird,” and the guys egging it on “weird,” adding that Kodak has to “be on something” + Says she will see him tomorrow and talk to him [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Until Young M.A's success, conventional wisdom said rappers like her couldn't make it, on a mainstream level. But, Young M.A proves what real music heads already know, a hit record is all that's necessary. In the early days of "Ooouuu," people didn't know what Young M.A was. What

Gervonta Davis and Ari broke up already? Gervonta blocked Ari and her bestie on IG and posted “Me vs. YALL” on his IG Story [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer During Valentine's Day, Gervonta Davis confirmed weeks worth of rumors about Ari Fletcher. Since breaking up with G Herbo, Ari had been all over the place. Rumors began of her and Young M.A dating, which the two played into. Given how things went, some people wonder what really

Gervonta Davis claps back at Young M.A over Ari subliminal diss on her #THOTIANA remix, calling her out for “sneak dissin'” [VIDEO]

 By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer These couples are an interesting thing to watch and right now, it's all about Ari Fletcher. Known on IG, before all, she and G Herbo became an item, and had a child together. It wasn't long before they were social media's hottest couple. Out of nowhere, so