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DJ Self responds to all the negative comments he’s been getting, in reaction to Cardi B’s success, and he talks about how much he’s given back to people #LHHNY [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Back in 2015, "Love & Hip Hop" went through some massive changed, sparked by Erica Mena leaving. It wasn't just her, though, as Cyn also left, along with Joe Budden and Tahiry. That led to Cardi B, DJ Self, MariahLynn, and Young B (Bianca) joining the show. DJ

Remy Ma tells Cardi B to “shut up,” after her Ebro interview, where she said she didn’t have beef with Nicki Minaj, calling her a liar [AUDIO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When it comes to Remy Ma, what she's done has been very impressive. Usually, an artist going to prison, and spending years behind bars, marks the end of their careers. But, Remy Ma played her return smart, keeping a low profile when she first came back. Remy

Remy Ma was not with the sh*ts, last night, as she called out Bri, Bianca, DreamDoll, and Mariah for everything, even the blue hair! #LHHNY #LHHNYReunion [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This season, of "Love & Hip Hop" saw Remy Ma take on the role of elder stateswoman, with the female rappers. The young femcees, on the show, have always been Bianca and MariahLynn. However, they had beef with Bri and DreamDoll. The whole situation was unfortunate, as

MariahLynn makes people believe she’s leaving “Love & Hip Hop” after IG post, where she says “3 years on TV … it’s time to close that book” #LHHNY [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer In 2015, "Love & Hip Hop" saw a major cast overhaul. Many cast members left, which opened the door for MariahLynn, Bianca, formerly known as Young B, and Cardi B to join. Instantly, these girls clashed with BBOD. For whatever reason, the fans hated BBOD, so MariahLynn