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YFN Lucci – “Made For It 2” [VIDEO]

YFN Lucci recently dropped off his new "All Night Long" single featuring Trey Songz which is set to appear on his highly anticipated "Wish Me Well 3" mixtape. Now, he just released the video for another record which will appear on the project titled "Made For It 2." The first

YFN Lucci Ft. Trey Songz – “All Night Long”

YFN Lucci is getting ready to release his "Wish Me Well 3" mixtape as at the end of 2018, he released his "3" and "3: The Sequel" EPs. Those were six songs set to appear on WMW3 and now it looks like we get another record off of the upcoming

HHV Exclusive: Co-Founders, Branden Criss and Craig King, Discuss Being The “LinkedIn and Angie’s List of Hip-Hop,” Helping Independent Artists Grow On Their Platform, Collaborating With Think It’s A Game Records, and More [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer I recently spoke with co-founders Branden Criss and Craig King on how they were able to build their networking platform to help unite the hip-hop community. They label themselves as the LinkedIn and Angie's List of hip-hop. This is all due to their strong quality