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Daniel Caesar’s ‘Case Study 01’ Album Set To Move Less Than 3,000 Copies This Week; The Reasons Point To Him Defending Racist Culture Vulture YesJulz and For Saying Black People Need To Be Nicer To White People [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Almost two years ago, Daniel Caesar released his debut studio album 'Freudian' and looked like he would be one of the best R&B artists in the game. In 2019, he's only been headlined by controversy as he went on to defend known culture vulture, YesJulz after

Yes Julz Gets Dragged AGAIN By Black Twitter For Saying Her “Ancestors” Would Have Her Back Against Guy Saying He Would Purposely Start A Fight to Ruin Her Party [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer It’s black twitter vs Yes Julz, round 83927262. Yes Julz is back on the bad side of black twitter after she said that her “ancestors” had her back against a black man who said he would purposely start a fight to ruin her party. Twitter users had a

Daniel Caesar … WTF is this man talking about, “bridge the gap”? Twitter wants to know; Some are calling him Daniel Ceaser, but him coming for black people “being mean to white people” and them being mean to black people is a “thing of the past” comment has people upset beyond measure with him [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Honestly, most people were off the whole YesJulz controversy. But, being done with the conversation doesn't mean that people were wrong for calling her out. It's funny how what she said was perfectly fine, but people calling her out, for being offended are "being mean." Welcome to this

Brent Barry face, Casey Anthony face, Jason Williams face… Joe Budden hit YesJulz with that enter in response to her “Easily Offended” interview on his podcast, and he also has smoke for Murda Mook and ItzBizkit [AUDIO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer On Monday, YesJulz appeared on the "Easily Offended" podcast, which is hosted by Murda Mook and ItzBizkit. The interview quickly took a controversial turn. It was only a matter of minutes before the conversation became about Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. Joe Budden isn't one to ever back

YesJulz blasts Joe Budden for accusing her of buying her butt and then tries to “expose” him over sweatpants, blaming him for her “n*ggas lie a lot” tweet + Joe Budden responds, showing a pic of him in the sweats [PHOTO + VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer All of this with YesJulz has led to the controversy of the day. She sat down for an interview with the "Easily Offended" podcast, where she defended coming for prominent black women. On top of that, she defended using the "N-word" on social media. YesJulz sparked major controversy,

YesJulz puts 070 Shake on blast for firing her as her manager, accusing her of using her, and dumping her after working with Nas; 070 Shake said Julz did a good job as her manager, but was more focused on her own projects, and she needed someone focused on her [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Rising industry figure, YesJulz, has built a huge following, courtesy of her pics on Instagram. Acting as both an artist and a manager, she has gotten into her fair share of controversy. Some have accused her of being a culture vulture. Never holding back, Joe Budden went as

YesJulz is being dragged by Joe Budden and Cyn Santana after she tries to clown Joe over #BETAwards scuffle + Twitter goes in after finding out about the Kith sweatsuit + Budden leaks texts from Julz

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When is YesJulz not being dragged by Twitter? At least once a month, she says or does something that gets social media all over her. Usually, it has something to do with race, as she is always talking about the black men/white women situation. 287364