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#KanyeonWGCI: Kanye West explains Trump support, saying he has a right to his stance, Drake sent him purple demon emojis and may be mad over “Lift Yourself” beat, and said he didn’t have time to give back to Chicago youth, due to focusing on music and clothes

By M.A.C. Staff Writer The past two years have seen Kanye West nearly lose all of his support within the hip hop community. When Kanye first entered the game, he was one of the game's most-promising rappers. He gained acclaim for his "Jesus Walks" single. However, Kanye West always had an eye

Dave East hits back at Kendra G hard, saying he was never contacted by her, calling her out for saying she wanted to get pregnant by him, letting her know he’d never touch her, give her an interview, or a drop [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Last night, Dave East came under fire from WGCI's Kendra G, who blasted him for being a no-show to an event he was supposed to do with her. In her video, with fans present, she lit into Dave East and said she'll never support him again.

Kendra G, of WGCI Chicago, puts Dave East on blast for being a no-show for a listening party they booked with him + Dave East clears the air, denying he was ever booked with her [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When it comes to Dave East, a lot of people have said he is simply one hit away from taking the game over. The Harlem rapper has the youth and the looks, plus he is definitely a lyricist. Literally, he remains one hit record from taking