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HHV On The Rise: Bonaphied

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer For quite some time, the West Coast has gotten its props in hip hop and been fairly represented. Most people think of LA, but it was actually the Bay Area that was the first West Coast area to pop off. Since then, nearly every area has

Chris Brown announces #HeartbreakonaFullMoontour, with 6lack, Rich The Kid, and H.E.R., which launches on June 19, in Auburn, WA + Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer For seven straight years, Chris Brown has delivered a hit single, every summer. The world has gotten used to Chris Brown delivering an annual album and a hit single, to boot. In the past, Chris Brown has said he doesn't feel as appreciated, as he should. Chris

Denver suburban county, Douglas County, is home to the latest shooting, where one person is killed, two civilians have been shot, multiple officers are down, and suspect is thought to be dead

By Ricki Says Staff Writer It seems like every few months, a shooting takes place, which almost takes away from the severity of said events. Each major city has some kind of tragedy impact, every year. Just last week, Washington state was home to a train crash, claiming lives for no

Zellie Imani makes shocking claim about George Washington, saying his “wooden teeth” were actually dentures fitted with teeth pulled from slaves [PHOTO]

By Jay Mack Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer In political times, such as these, there are many activists stepping up and fighting back. Long before the political climate became so cloudy, among those making waves was Zellie Imani, who is continuing to be vocal. His latest social media post has everyone talking.