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Gucci issues an apology for their blackface sweatshirts, but the community says their apology is NOT enough [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Yesterday, Gucci sparked much controversy, rightfully so, as they had blackface sweatshirts. Enough is enough, especially with what is going on in Virginia. Both the Governor and Attorney General were exposed for wearing blackface, in the 1980s. The current racial climate presents no time for racial games. This

Racism or nah? White man accuses Black man of stealing, threatens him, and makes him get on his knees, while he berates him, in Charlottesville [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Late in the summer of 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia was ground zero of major controversy. As the Virginia government voted to remove Confederate statues, a major protest ensued. The end result was the death of a young woman. How the president responded to this ended up being the cause

Timbaland details what Missy Elliott taught him, talks secret to his success with Justin Timberlake, beat battle with Swizz Beatz, why he compares Drake to “Black Panther,” and more on #DrinkChamps [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Underplayed is how Virginia has had a huge impact on the music industry, as a whole. Now, with Teddy Riley opening up more on his story, it is now being spoken on more. The actual Virginia players, though, are Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and Pharrell. Timbaland has made his