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Janet Jackson has a doppelganger in the form of Maria Pitre-Martin, an educator currently serving as a school superintendent in Virginia

By Bossyy Staff Writer Four years ago, Janet Jackson ended her seven year hiatus, returning to music with some big records. Unfortunately, her comeback run had to be halted, when Janet Jackson got pregnant. After her baby was old enough, she completed her run. Janet Jackson has since been doing her media

#PrayForVirginiaBeach: Virginia Beach shooting, at municipal complex, leaves twelve people dead, and several more injured, as Twitter gives more frustration over the continued mass shootings, this time by a “disgruntled employee” [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer There was a time when mass shootings were not a common occurrence. Instead, it was simply a shocking moment and didn't appear as if another was on the horizon. Now, it is a commonplace fact of life. The state of Virginia has had their fair share of

Khloe Kardashian gets dragged by Twitter, over her comments to Jordyn Woods and for denying breaking up Tristan Thompson and his baby mama, Jordy, and they drag Trey Songz into it, bringing up rumors of her making out with him in July 2016 #KUWTK

By Tamantha Staff Writer Where to begin with all the Khloe Kardashian drama, surrounding the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson. Not even a year ago, he was caught up in an honest to goodness sextape. A year later, he is accused of pushing up on Jordyn Woods, a friend of Khloe's