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Zell Swag slapped the sh-t out of ole boy; #LHHH fans got a good laugh out of Zell hitting Misster Ray, but his cast-mates are beyond upset #LHHReunion

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since the start of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," season four, Zell Swag has brought the drama. Always down for a fight, Zell Swag began the season as Masika's friend. With her and Alexis Sky beefing, Zell Swag took on that fight, getting physical with Alexis. Despite

Alexis Sky goes live on Instagram, from the gym, and Fetty Wap comments to her to “relax” and she “did good,” leading people to believe they are back together #LHHH [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer To begin the year of 2017, Alexis Sky made sure the world would know who she was. Rising to notability as a model, Alexis Sky made her rounds, in the clubs, and on the mixtape circuit. When Fetty Wap gained fame, there were rumors of him

Hazel-E gets wild disrespectful, making a post shaming Brooke Valentine, Moniece, Shanda, Jhonni Blaze, and Jess Hilarious for being dark-skinned + Co-signs her boyfriends cruel remarks about gay people [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Very quickly, it's become cliche, but it's true that hurt people hurt people and Hazel-E is clearly hurt. Watching "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" from the beginning until now, it's hard to question why Hazel is the way she is. All of her friends turned her

Jamie Sykes, a Las Vegas makeup artist, puts Tommie, Tammy Rivera, and their management firm on blast, claiming they promised to promote her on IG in exchange for free makeup, but stopped responding to her

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Life isn't fair, on a good day, so the world of business is cut-throat by nature. No, not everyone has bad intentions, and many bad situations aren't what they seem. But, life is a story of people doing what they have to do, in order to