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#PrayForDouglas: Natives of #Parkwood, Stoneman Douglas family, Florida natives, and sympathetic people come on Twitter to mourn and talk about gun control

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The amount of times these types of things happen is just saddening, within itself. Whether it's some type of shooting, someone taking their own life, or natural disaster, it's sad. But, the bottom line is that there are too many lives taken for no reason. Florida is

Team Snapchat is getting Twitter love, this morning, on V-Day, for sending an automated “Happy #ValentinesDay” message to people, making them feel special, as Snapchat got them if nobody else does

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This morning, Team Snapchat is the leading trending topic. That's pretty big, seeing how today is Valentine's Day. Usually, people have V-Day as the leading topic, so they can complain about not having anyone to love, this year. Team Snapchat came through, in the clutch, though. Everybody