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Protesters in Puerto Rico get teargassed, yesterday, while rallying to get electricity back, among other living conditions (FULL VIDEO) #PrayforPuertoRico #Pray4PuertoRico [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer What happened, in Puerto Rico, is a disgrace to the reputation that is supposed to be America. Well over a year, Puerto Rico has gone without electricity. A few weeks ago, lights were finally restored, only to go back out again. Because of the shabby treatment of the

Keaton Jones and his mother come under fire from Black Twitter and celebrities, after some say Keaton was calling black kids the “n-word” and MMA fighter, Joe Shilling said he invited them out, and the mom said she “just wanted money,” receiving over 60K on GoFundMe #Keaton #KeatonJones

By Ricki Says Staff Writer All of this stuff, about Keaton Jones is horrible, and it goes beyond what words can express. However, all of this is only a symptom of the overall problem. A few weeks ago, a few rappers were killed, and people are killing themselves over bullying. As a

Cardi B celebrates #BodakYellow going double platinum in Canada [PHOTO]

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Easily, Cardi B is having the best year ever, and everybody knows the story. Definitely, "Love & Hip Hop" has scored bragging rights, seeing how Cardi B has become a household name. While "Bodak Yellow" is her only hit, she is killing the features. On G-Eazy's "No

Carmen Yulin Cruz, San Juan, PR’s mayor, responds to Trump’s tweets, saying she has no time for “small politics” during Puerto Rico’s recovery [VIDEO]

By Jay Mack Staff Writer Before all else, Americans were supposed to look out for fellow Americans. After all, that's what the National Anthem is supposed to be about, in the first place. But, the entire island of Puerto Rico is in trouble, yet Carmen Yulin Cruz is being painted as

Fat Joe announces he is sending help to Puerto Rico, along with performing at Jay-Z’s #TIDALXBrooklyn event, which is donating all proceeds to Puerto Rico victims [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Honestly, the world is in peril, right now, but it's a beautiful thing. As much as certain leaders try to divide the people, other major figures are uniting these same people. Then, natural disasters are bringing people closer together than ever. Puerto Rico is a part of the