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Cardi B says she feels pressured to deliver her album and then says Atlantic Records isn’t pressuring her, at all + Delivers harsh clapback against fan who calls her a “one hit wonder” [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Clearly, Cardi B was a star, when she began going viral on Instagram, with her videos. Those videos led to Cardi B joining the "Love & Hip Hop" cast. Her time on the show helped revive "Love & Hip Hop," as many stopped paying attention to

Nicki Minaj comes under fire from Native Americans, who are dragging her on Twitter for sharing sexualized pics of Pocahontas

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Often, it's stated that Nicki Minaj is one of the queens of controversy. A lot of times, she is caught making insensitive statements, posts, or retweeting controversial things. It's only been a few weeks since the whole Aaliyah Airlines thing. Nicki Minaj is currently riding the high

#JelenaIsBack: Justin and Selena fans celebrate the couple reuniting on Twitter, as more video surfaces of the two kissing

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When these two were teenagers, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were the teenage "it" couple. However, when their twenties hit, the couple seemingly grew apart. But, there was a bond there that could not be broken. In some respects, Justin Bieber's 2015 chart-topping single, "Sorry," was about

Anais is a FLOP with #LHHNY fans, so far; They are calling her “disgusting,” saying she sounds like she has mucus stuck down her throat, and needs Nasonex + Says she’ll be on Jerry Springer next year to confess to being a man

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Out here on Twitter, they are really doing Anais dirty. Following last week's episode, some said it looked like "Love & Hip Hop" was trying to make Anais into the new Cardi B. But, given the level of hate Anais is receiving, this simply is not

Black Twitter is trending on Twitter, as people are saying it’s imploding after stories about sexual assaults at meetups become prominent and people are blocking each other

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Because of how black people have made many topics trend on Twitter, they earned their own label. This part of Twitter is commonly referred to as Black Twitter. Apparently, this was something Twitter took notice of, as they brought Debra Lee on to make Black Twitter

Keri Hilson finally addresses the nose job rumors and tells people she has her “grandma’s big nose” and she’s comfortable with who she is [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Throughout her career, Keri Hilson has faced all kinds of rumors. Since she gained fame, there has been a lot of speculation about Keri Hilson having plastic surgery done. Often, many celebrities have work done, most commonly on the nose and lips. Keri Hilson has faced rumors

Desiigner announces he and PnB Rock have a joint album coming soon

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer To begin 2016, Desiigner established himself as the biggest breakout artist. His single, "Panda," took over the radio, gaining him a deal with G.O.O.D. Music and co-signs from Kanye West and Jay-Z. In the end, his momentum did not sustain, as a top popular rapper. However, Desiigner managed