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#hotgirlbummer gets dragged by Twitter, as Black Twitter blasts blackbear for gentrifying Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” phrase and hit single

By Bossyy Staff Writer As soon as the weather turned warm, Megan Thee Stallion coined the phrase "Hot Girl Summer." It wasn't long before Yung Miami was calling 2K19 a "City Girls Summer." For half the summer, the fans didn't know the difference. But, people mistakenly giving Yung Miami credit for starting

#IStandWithWhitney has NOTHING to do Whitney Houston, as Twitter learned the hard way, but instead with Whitney Cummings, and too much of Bert Kreischer’s privates

By Bossyy Staff Writer Being a celebrity comes with a high price of fame. In the modern era, a celebrity WILL eventually have their nudes, or a full sextape leak. Often times, both will occur, with the pics coming as a prequel to the full tape leaking. Whitney Cummings is a veteran

Fans on Twitter roast Chance The Rapper, clowning him for “The Big Day,” his new album, with one person asking him to actually make a good album, as most call it “trash”

By Bossyy Staff Writer A few years ago, Chance The Rapper looked like he would become the next major star in the game. While he definitely did his thing with his hit single, "No Problem," Cardi B took that role. But, Chance The Rapper has continued to do his thing. Chance The

Morehouse College is at the center of a gay sex scandal, according to Curtis Scoon, and several come forward with allegations of sexual assault by a professor

By Bossyy Staff Writer Nine days ago, reports began to surface, on Twitter, from Curtis Scoon, about Morehouse College. One of the original HBCUs, Morehouse was ground zero of a gay sex scandal. A thread from Curtis Scoon goes into detail about what he claims goes on there. Days later, there were

#JusticeForJanise: Group of kids physically attack a mentally disabled girl, whose mother died, and share it on social media, sparking outrage on Twitter, and an investigation from the Chicago PD

By Bossyy Staff Writer STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS INTO A POLITICAL DEBATE. A young girl who is simply trying to go to school and live a good life was harassed and beaten by those who should have protected her. Period, that is all there is to it. Yes, this happened in

Erica Mena smashes roses from Safaree and removes his last name, “Samuels,” from her Twitter profile #LHHNY #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Way back in 2016, Safaree came from behind the scenes, to the spotlight, he joined two reality shows. Immediately, Safaree lent social media star power to "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." His antics made the show must-see, but "Scared Famous" proved life-changing. It was on "Scared Famous," where

Fans Dig Up Megan Thee Stallion’s Old Tweets and Accuse Her Of Being Homophobic; Megan Responds: “I don’t do nothing but show love to everyone so just stop” [PHOTOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Megan Thee Stallion has definitely been the biggest breakout artist of 2019. Her 2018 single "Big Ole Break" is doing well on the Billboard charts and her debut album "Fever" got heavy approval from the industry. Now, she's facing some backlash over tweets from back in

Lil Baby has owned the #BETAwards, so far, and the ladies on Twitter that know him give him props, while old heads are just figuring out he and DaBaby are not the same person, playing him for “looking tired” and his leggings pants

By Bossyy Staff Writer Since the summer of 2017, Lil Baby has been delivering straight hits, first taking over the Atlanta streets. Immediately, QC signed him, adding him to a roster of proven hits. But, Lil Baby's rise to the top came swiftly, when he got the Drake co-sign. Lil Baby dominated

RIP David Ortiz? NO, DAVID ORTIZ IS NOT DEAD! Legendary Boston Red Sox’ player was shot in the leg, during robbery, was rushed to hospital, and video surfaces of alleged shooter [VIDEOS]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer In 2004, David Ortiz put in the work, and made Big Papi a household name. Back then, Ortiz led the Boston Red Sox to sports history, when they came back from 0-3 to beat the New York Yankees in the World Series. By 2011, David Ortiz

Cruel! Woman, Nay Remy, clowns a man who took her out on a date for being ugly, as she shares a photo of him, and laughs about never seriously giving him a chance; Twitter drags her for being fat, ugly, and overweight [DETAILS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Honestly, this girl got exactly what she deserved. The way it goes is that everybody is looking for companionship, whether it is simply a friend, or something romantic. That very need does lead to rejection and hurt feelings. What is bad about this current era is that people,