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Tank sparks controversy, after saying a man performing oral on another man does not make him gay, even if he does it twice; Twitter is going in on Tank for those comments [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer The world first got to know Tank, back in 2000, when he made his debut in the R&B world. Early 2000s R&B was a tough beast, as Tank was matched up with Tyrese, Sisqo, R. Kelly, Case, Joe, and Usher. Later, there was Usher, Marques Houston, Omarion,

Tami Roman shuts down claims that she requested a separate stage at the “Basketball Wives” reunion, but says it all worked out, as she didn’t attend, anyway #BBWReunion #BBWLA

By Bossyy Staff Writer When Tami Roman said she was done with "Basketball Wives," she ended things right then and there. Always, Tami Roman wanted to get back into acting. Before reality TV, she had very small roles on shows such as "Married... with Children" and "The Parkers." Tami Roman would become

Drea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex, gave dance lessons to Tammy Rivera and Deb Antney, where she twerked her natural booty, and shut down the internet #GUHHATL [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer A few years ago, Drea Kelly was all the talk, when she was starring on the "R&B Divas" reality series. Despite that once being a huge franchise, it was cancelled, with no warning. The attention span of people is very short, so most have forgotten all about

Lil’ Mo’s husband, Karl Dargan, responds to allegations that he used someone’s debit card to buy game play at Dave & Buster’s: “Y’all got me f*cked up” [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Back in 2012, Lil' Mo went on "The Breakfast Club," where she introduced the world to Karl Dargan, her new husband. Her third marriage, Dargan was a good bit younger than her. The couple, at the time, was promoting her on "R&B Divas." Once that show ended, Lil'

50 Cent gets into it with Jill Scott, after saying he is fat, but identifies as trans-slender, but shuts down her clapback, saying he’s been in love with her since he saw what she did to that mic [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Building a career off being a bully, the 2010s era was built for 50 Cent, who has since become an Instagram troll. Increasingly, social media has become a platform for 50 Cent to take aim at anyone. For a while, his favorite target was Diddy, and always