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Jay-Z gets threatened by George Zimmerman, who says he’ll “feed anyone who f*cks with my parents to an alligator,” over Trayvon Martin documentary, adding he’s been handling people who “f*ck with me” since February 2012

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since day one, Jay-Z has always been all about his business, but more so, over these past two years. There is TIDAL, his successful streaming service, that's opening up business ventures for many others. Then, he has gotten into film production, doing several documentaries. Jay-Z was especially

Jay-Z is considering buying Harvey Weinstein’s stake in TWC

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Forever the businessman, Jay-Z is always looking into the next business venture. During his Rap Radar interview, Jay-Z spoke on this, as he addressed TIDAL. Echoing his last album, Jay-Z continues stressing the importance of minority-owned businesses. Jay-Z formed an alliance with Harvey Weinstein and his TWC