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6ix9ine continues taunting Chicago rappers, showing up in the city, and bragging to TMZ that nothing’s happened yet, after crowning himself King of Chicago [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The past few weeks have seen 6ix9ine going at Chief Keef. It all started when Tadoe and Cuban Doll began going back-and-forth. For years, they were involved with each other, but when Cuban Doll took a photo with 6ix9ine. Quickly, things escalated with 6ix9ine and Chief Keef,

Peter Rosenberg puts Kanye West fans and the journalists on blast for getting over their anger and going to Wyoming, admitting he’s still a fan, but not a friend, accusing Kanye over never standing for anything, and being in bed with TMZ’s Harvey Levin, who is in bed with Donald Trump, accusing him of justifying racism #EbroInTheMorning [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Suddenly, Kanye West is back in the spotlight, with YE getting strong reviews. The album has definitely put Kanye West back on top of the game. Coming into the summer, it looked like Cardi B, Drake, J. Cole, and Nicki Minaj had things on lock. But, Kanye West had

Audio leaks of Teairra Mari and Akbar’s phone call about the lawsuit and 50 Cent, with Teairra telling Akbar that it can all go away if he professes his love for her #LHHH [AUDIO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Recently, Teairra Mari returned to the spotlight in a way that is guaranteed to make "Love & Hip Hop" history. While no one likes having their nudes leaked, Teairra Mari did insane numbers on social media. Rightfully, she is looking for justice. According to most news outlets,

Footage surfaces of Teairra Mari busting the windshield out of @mde_akbar’s Mercedes SUV, with a bat, screaming while she does it (FULL VIDEO) #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Last week, Teairra Mari completely owned the internet, when someone hacked her Instagram, and posted a sextape of her. The story became bizarre, when it was said that her own boyfriend did it. He put a video out, with her in it, blaming her boyfriend. Teairra Mari,

Teairra Mari talks sextape leak, with TMZ Live, saying she thinks her boyfriend did it, but they are still together, and working out their issues, seeing how they don’t agree on matters #TMZLive #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Exactly what's going on with Teairra Mari, the people are having a hard time figuring it out. On her show, "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," Teairra found a new man in Cisco Rosado, a not so new man. Just like he did, on "Love & Hip