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Lil Nas X has pissed off country music fans, again, because he has a new partnership with Wrangler Jeans, and country music fans say Wrangler isn’t hip hop culture, threatening boycott

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Early this year, Lil Nas X released "Old Town Road" and immediately made history. He was the first artist to have a number one song on the hip hop and country charts. But, backlash led to "Old Town Road" being removed from the country music charts. Lil

Music Row in Nashville shades Lil Nas X for “Old Town Road,” sharing huge billboard, congratulating Billy Ray Cyrus, but having Lil Nas X’s name in the smallest print, after he was removed from Country Music charts [PHOTO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer When Lil Nas X first made noise, with "Old Town Road," the song appealed to both hip hop and country. To this current era, it seems like something innovative. However, this is a page right out of Nelly's playbook, who teamed up with Tim McGraw, back

Nelly walked so Lil Nas X could run; Twitter is here for Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ #OldTownRoadRemix, as people born before 1999 remind them Nelly and Tim McGraw did it first with “Over and Over”

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Lil Nas X, and his "Old Town Road" single. When the song was first released, it charted on both Billboard charts for country music and rap/R&B. At the time, that was history-making. However, the song would be removed from

Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly – “Cruise (remix)”

Nine years ago, Nelly made his comeback and changed the game. Hip hop often has crossed over into other genres. But, never before had country music been spun into hip hop. Nelly was the first hip hop artist to jump out and do this when he invited Tim McGraw to