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Shawne Williams had the line of the night, with his rap for Jessica Dime, on #MarriageBootCamp, last night “she too hood for me, she too ratchet for me” and Twitter agrees

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Not only is this season of "Marriage Boot Camp" hip hop themed, they have all "Love & Hip Hop" alums. From "Atlanta," they have Waka and Tammy, and Jessica Dime and Shawne, Lil' Mo and Karl from "New York." Lil Fizz and Tiffany check in, representing

Judge Judy? #MarriageBootCamp viewers clown Jessica Dime’s man, Shawne Williams, for calling Judge Lynn Toler “Judge Judy,” as they told him Judy is white!

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Over on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams are fan favorites. During the 2016 season, Dime finally got her prince charming, a longtime friend of hers. Both were from Memphis and they welcomed a child together. However, that whole marriage part disappeared from

Apryl Jones and Moniece get into HEATED argument on IG Live over Moniece posting on IG that Fizz took her son to Chicago with Apryl; Moniece says she wasn’t being petty, but her son always acts weird when Apryl is mentioned, as Apryl says Moniece was being petty over Lil Fizz #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Early this year, rumor was that Lil Fizz was dating Apryl Jones. The news came as a shock, seeing how Fizz and Omarion were close, outside of their B2K history. Clearly, there was tension, as Omarion turned down Fizz's B2K reunion proposal, but dating his ex

Moniece spills all the tea, continues airing out Fizz for dating AD’s best friend, Tiffany, who is sleeping with a married woman, who used to sleep with Fizz #LHHH

By Ricki Says Staff Writer On "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," Moniece has established herself as the one who brings the drama. Last year saw Moniece being more than a sounding board for Fizz and her other friends. She had her own relationship, with AD, and also rivaled with Alexis Sky. However,

Moniece airs Lil Fizz out for dating a woman, her ex friend, @tdoesitbest, who she says is cheating on him with another man, and using him for a spot on “Love & Hip Hop” #LHHH [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Wowwwwww (Flavor Flav voice), these folks are cutting up, and it's not even time for their show to air. Right now, VH1 is airing "Love & Hip Hop" and "Love & Hip Hop Miami," the first time they've aired two shows at once. But, "Love &