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DJ YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: Jay-Z Edition

By DJ YRS Jerzy Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Once again, things have switched up from the Wednesday Throwback. Yesterday, Jay-Z dropped his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. He stopped everything in the middle of game six of 2013 NBA Finals and made plans for his album and the whole game stopped

Overlooked and Underrated: Chamillionaire

By Hardcore Critic Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Written off by the hip hop world as a one hit wonder, Chamillionaire emerged at the height of the Southern takeover in hip hop. Of course, the world knows Chamillionaire best for his breakout single, "Ridin'," but Houston knows him as a mixtape legend.

Denzil Porter – “The Truth”

There is new energy surrounding hip hop. The year of 2012 has brought about more balance, as the elements that "killed" hip hop remain and are prominent. However, lyrics are once again important. As big of a year as other hip hop genres had, "real" hip hop also had an