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What’s the beef? #RHOA fans on Twitter are trying to figure out why Porsha has a problem with Shamari and if they really knew each other from Decatur

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer This season, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" have added some new people to their cast. One new lady holding a peach is Shamari DeVoe, the wife of Ronnie DeVoe. Upon his entry onto the show, Ronnie immediately clashed with Kandi, talking about her performance. Ronnie came on

Kandi was shady AF to Yvonne last night, as her clips have gone viral, where she shaded her, during her rant against Eva, “well, you must not have been that memorable” #RHOA [VIDEO]

By @MinneeTellsItAll Staff Writer This season, Kandi is way more spicy than she has been in earlier seasons. Much of this is Kandi reacting to the Phaedra/Porsha drama that plagued her for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Since then, Kandi has become Porsha's bitter rival. Kandi is now the veteran on the

Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe are still talking about this open relationship; Now, Shamari is saying she caught feelings for another woman… Fans on Twitter are like “WTF?,” calling the storyline “boring,” and saying Ronnie and Shamari look like brother and sister #RHOA

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer So far, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans have not had much love for Ronnie DeVoe, or his wife, Shamari. In his very first scene, Ronnie came for Kandi, about Xscape's performance. During her confessional, Kandi pointed out how Ronnie and BBD opened for her. It wasn't

NeNe responds to Porsha telling Kandi that NeNe told her she was talking about her man on tonight’s #RHOA, with a shady IG post of her and Porsha; Porsha responds “B*tch you got me twisted” [PHOTO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Tonight's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" continued the shade between Porsha and Kandi. Given their history, it's good that it's just shade going on between them. At one point, violence was a guarantee, and a lawsuit came close to happening. Kandi, this season, has information