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Tami Roman shuts down claims that she requested a separate stage at the “Basketball Wives” reunion, but says it all worked out, as she didn’t attend, anyway #BBWReunion #BBWLA

By Bossyy Staff Writer When Tami Roman said she was done with "Basketball Wives," she ended things right then and there. Always, Tami Roman wanted to get back into acting. Before reality TV, she had very small roles on shows such as "Married... with Children" and "The Parkers." Tami Roman would become

Mo’Nique speaks on Netflix, gender and racial equality, and possible reconciliation with Lee Daniels on #SwayInTheMorning [VIDEO]

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Nearly two decades ago, Mo'Nique established herself as a force in the industry. She dominated the "Queens of Comedy" and "The Parkers" became her show. Once that ended, Mo'Nique went into hosting "Showtime at the Apollo" and went into several successful films. However, in the era of

Tami Roman definitely killed it as Silk on #TalesOnBET tonight! Go ‘head auntie! Fans are here for her delivery and for her coming through for Kenny (Demetrius Shipp, Jr.)

By Ricki Says Staff Writer For years, Tami Roman entertained fans on "Basketball Wives," so she had built-in support. Even in those days, Tami Roman stated that her goal was to become an actress. Prior to VH1, she had a small role in one of the early episodes of "The Parkers." Tami

Countess Vaughn posts pic on IG, asking people if they like her new wig, but her face and lips look like she’s had extensive plastic surgery [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since she was a child, Countess Vaughn has been in the spotlight. As a child, she played on "227," during the show's final seasons. A few years later, Countess Vaughn booked her longest role, Kim on "Moesha" and the spin-off, "The Parkers." Countess Vaughn seemingly disappeared from

“Moesha” cast reunites on #TheRealDaytime and has an emotional reunion, as they discuss reboot possibilities (Frank’s hairline though???) [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The show, "Moesha," is easily the most-recognizable from the UPN lineup. Many began to view the show as two different series, as things changed so much after season four. That was when Countess Vaughn left to do "The Parkers" spinoff and Ray J was brought in. Originally,