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Suge Knight is still accused of setting Tupac up and #WhoShotBiggieandTupac viewers demand answers from the Death Row boss, they think he had something to do with it, as he says he thinks Pac may still be alive

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Simply because of how both Tupac and Biggie died, there were always questions of what "really" happened. Truth is, Suge Knight portrayed himself as a gangster, regardless of if he really was, or not. Because of that, the Death Row CEO was accused of murder, by some. Tupac

Ice T and Soledad O’Brien revisit Tupac and Biggie’s killings on #WhoShotBiggieandTupac; Fans credit them for reopening this discussion and hope to find the truth

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Two of the greatest tragedies in hip hop history all happened in one situation. Bottom line, if Tupac and Biggie never had problems with each other, neither would have died. Just like that, two of rap's biggest figures were dead, within six months of each other, both