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Album Preview: Papoose – “The Nacirema Dream”

By The Voice Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Close to a decade ago, Papoose began working on his debut album, The Nacirema Dream, which is a play on the phrase "The American Dream." High hopes were in store for Papoose and his debut album. Seeing how Papoose was heavily co-signed by the legendary

Saigon to release “powerful” music video today

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Brooklyn rapper, Saigon, has been one of the more socially-conscious rappers over the past few years, as he raps about the negatives of street life. Initially set to debut one year after 50 Cent, Saigon was viewed as the alternative, as he

Saigon talks Sophomore Album

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer To say the process Saigon went through trying to release The Greatest Story Never Told was an ordeal is an understatement. An album originally intended to be released in 2005 was met with so many delays and it was not released until

Saigon – “Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave”

One year ago, Saigon was preparing to finally release his long-awaited album, The Greatest Story Never Told. The album had been pushed back several times between 2005 and 2011. After switching record labels, signing with Suburban Noize Records, Saigon finally released his debut album. Living up to expectations, the album