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Terry Crews and Tariq Nasheed get into Twitter beef over a fight about love for black women + Tariq shares video of Terry wearing a wig, thanking him for “fighting toxic masculinity” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Toxic masculinity, huh? This morning, Terry Crews and Tariq Nasheed are really going at it! Both men represent different aspects of the culture and both have strong arguments that they have put in work to make the culture advance forward. Terry Crews managed to be black America's dad

CANCELLED! Terry Crews Cancels His Appearance on The Touré Show After News Surfaced That Touré Sexually Assaulted a Former Coworker

By Tamantha Staff Writer ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ actor, Terry Crews, has been very vocal about being sexually abused by powerful people in the entertainment industry. He is fighting everyday to get these people held accountable for their actions. He was slated to appear on ‘The Touré Show’ this week with journalist,