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Waka Flocka Flame responds to Daniel Caesar’s rant, from yesterday, thinking he shouldn’t be speaking on Black American issues, since he’s Canadian [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Since 2014, Waka Flocka Flame has been more of a television personality than a rapper. When he was actively making music, Flocka made hits, though. On television, he quickly became a fan favorite, along with Tammy Rivera, his wife. The couple has been open about their marital issues,

Amanda Seales calls out white women, accusing them of thinking a big booty makes them superior to black women, and blasting black men, accusing them of thinking the same way [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Being the outspoken person she is, Amanda Seales dedicated her platform to speaking out, long before it was "cool" to be a feminist. In fact, back in 2013, she spoke to, and offered some valuable advice. This is who she has proven herself to be, through

Keke Palmer and Elvin RD Jackson are still going strong! Elvin shares boo’d up pic of him grabbing Keke’s chest on IG and warms hearts of the entire timeline [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Like most child stars, Keke Palmer has gone through her struggles, since rising to fame. The early years for Keke were golden, but being an adult, her mistakes have been magnified. But, Keke Palmer has managed to do something a lot of haters need to, find some

@redbone_noe, Kenneth Petty’s ex (Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend), shares photo of blood splattered on her kitchen floor, accusing a man of coming into her house and trying to shoot her; Fans accuse her of lying, dragging her in the IG comments [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Since Nicki Minaj revealed Kenneth Petty was "new boy," many of her fans, and even non-fans, have been against this. These people have worked overtime to break their relationship up. This has given new life to @redbone_noe, Kenneth's baby mama. @redbone_noe has been given this new platform and