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Hurricane Chris, the rapper, takes over Twitter, as there’s a possibility of Tropical Storm Chris becoming a hurricane #TropicalStormChris #HurricaneChris

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Even in the face of natural disaster, hip hop has jokes. Tropical Storm Chris is the only storm in history that people are openly wishing becomes a hurricane. If it does, the storm will share the same name as the rapper, Hurricane Chris. During the summer of 2007,

T-Pain delivers his #BoodUpRemix on IG Live and Twitter is praising him for how underrated he is, and blasting people who say Ty Dolla $ign is better, saying T-Pain delivered the best remix yet (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer From 2005 through 2009, T-Pain was the biggest artist in the game, but his dominance flew under the radar. The Tallahassee crooner brought auto-tune back and crafted many hits. What was key in T-Pain's dominance was how he gave other artists their biggest hits. Ultimately, T-Pain ended