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Lil Rel shuts down would be Twitter comedian, who tries to say he and T-Pain are the same person; Lil Rel told him there was no research necessary, seeing how he and T-Pain have several pics together [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Popular comedian, Lil Rel, has definitely enjoyed the spotlight, in the year of 2017. Due to his role in Get Out, Lil Rel became one of the breakout stars of the game. His bigger profile led to Jay-Z casting him to be in the "Moonlight" video. Lil Rel

T-Pain kills the childhood of fans, all over, by clearing up the lyrics on #BuyUADrank and #AllIDoIsWin; First, he says he never said “ooh wee,” instead “and then,” on “Drank” and “and they say yeah,” instead of “stay there” on “Win” [PHOTOS]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Man, why is T-Pain out here doing this to everybody??? Look, when it came to the mid-2000s and the late 2000s, T-Pain was the man. That whole role that Ty Dolla $ign has, he took those reigns from T-Pain, because he is the one who made auto-tune