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As Rappers Call Out The Racial Injustices Surrounding The Arrest Of ASAP Rocky, Others Remember When He Turned a Blind Eye to Racial Injustice In Ferguson

By Tamantha Staff Writer It’s been a little over a week since A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden for an alleged assault, that was caught on camera. Swedish authorities are planning to hold A$AP and his crew for two weeks while they investigate. Details surrounding A$AP’s inhumane jail conditions have been revealed

A$AP Rocky Loses Appeal To Be Released From Swedish Jail For Assault Charge After Attacking Man For Stalking Him and Attacking His Security Guard; A$AP’s Already Lost Over $1 Million In Show Money

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer A$AP Rocky is still in jail in Stockholm, Sweden after he and his crew assaulted a man who was stalking them. A$AP recorded everything though as he said the man attacked his security guard with headphones and also added that the man and his friend were

A$AP Rocky To Be Held In Swedish Jail For Two Weeks After He And His Crew Assaulted Man Who Kept Following Them And Attacked A$AP’s Security Guard; A$AP Could Face Six Years In Jail If Convicted [VIDEOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer A few days ago, A$AP Rocky and his entourage were involved in an incident in Stockholm,Sweden where they assaulted a man and a friend who kept following them and refused to stop doing so. A$AP recorded everything leading to things turning physical. He added that one

A$AP Rocky Arrested For Suspicion of Gross Assault In Sweden After He and His Crew Attacked Man and His Friend Who Wouldn’t Stop Following Them and Hit A$AP’s Security [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Yesterday, video surfaced of A$AP Rocky and his crew in Stockholm, Sweden attacking a man after he and his friend followed them and refused to stop. A$AP had told them that they didn't want any trouble and to stop following them but the men just flat