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Stevie J posts video, blasting Joseline for not allowing him to come pick up Bonnie Bella, saying he’s tried five times, and she won’t meet with him [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Seven years ago, the world got to know Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. The people learned these two are toxic and highly dysfunctional. That makes for a terrible relationship, but makes for incredible TV. Stevie J and Joseline dealt with a pregnancy, on television, during the first season

Che Mack is being dragged on Twitter for how she did Karlie Redd, in the previews, putting her business out there, with #LHHATL fans saying she’s on to be messy, this season

By Bossyy Staff Writer During season two, of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," it briefly looked as though Stevie J would do to Joseline, with Che Mack, what he did to Mimi, with her. There was a lot of flirtation, from Stevie, but Che Mack never bit. Soon, she was long

Tia Becca aka Tiarra calls VH1 out on “Love & Hip Hop” page for referring to her as Scrapp’s “baby mama” and also accuses them of threatening to have her blackballed #LHHATL [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Viewers came to know Tiarra (Tia Becca), when "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" returned for season five, in 2016. This season saw a cast overhaul and the introduction of the King family. The King family is headed by KK, Stevie J's old friend, and sons, Scrapp and

Mimi Faust gets dragged by a fan, after she clapped back on him, @mrlayton187, for him asking if she ever met Faith Evans before, and calling him “bozo” #LHHATL [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Currently, Mimi Faust is in the hot seat, on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," with her current situation. With Stevie J, her ex, and father of her child, marrying Faith Evans, fans are questioning how she didn't know. But, the season premiere dealt with Mimi dealing with

Kirk Frost’s baby mama, Jasmine, blasts him and Rasheeda for questioning her mothering skills about her son not being potty trained; Says Kirk is only in the picture when it’s time to film [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Last night, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" returned to television, with season eight premiering. This season has Faith Evans playing a bigger role, after having originally made her debut in season four. She returns as the wife of Stevie J, no longer just a good friend. However, Kirk

Stevie is being roasted by #LHHATL fans who don’t like Faith Evans being married to him; Fans accuse Stevie J of being with Faith to get his child support paid and can’t believe they are really married + Mimi and Eva drama

By Bossyy Staff Writer This is seven years in, and the eighth season, so Stevie J doing exactly what Stevie J does, doesn't surprise "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans. In the beginning, Stevie J and Mimi Faust were the couple. Longtime on/off couple, the two welcomed a child into their

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returns to TV on March 25, with season eight, and the cast shares a behind the scenes video from Trinidad #LHHATL [VIDEO]

  By Tamantha Staff Writer Hard to believe it, but "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" debuted seven years ago. It's going on seven years since Lil' Scrappy and Stevie J got into their memorable fight. A lot has changed in Atlanta, since then, seeing how Stevie and Scrappy are best friends, now. When