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Hey Big Head! $1.6B Mega Millions Ticket Sold In South Carolina

By Tamantha Staff Writer Someone in South Carolina just woke up as a billionaire. Via NY Post: At least one $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot ticket was sold in the Palmetto State, their Education Lottery posted online early Wednesday. Lottery officials will release more information later Wednesday. A single winner could walk away

J. Cole’s childhood home in Fayetteville gets vandalized with nasty words about Cole and Twitter reacts in disgust to this, as Cole lets people stay in this home, rent free

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This was both sad and disturbing, on so many levels. Through his career, J. Cole has faced a lot of criticism over his Fayetteville roots. It is as simple as this, though, J. Cole represents Fayetteville, so he deserves to be embraced. So many artists who actually