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Memes in Hip-Hop: How Memes Are Helping Artists Reach the Top

In the era of social media networking, advertising has taken many conventional formats with the most popular form appealing to humor through the use of memes. Memes are older than social media as they were cultivated from online forums, and lately, the use of memes in hip hop has proven to

Lil Tracy is facing rape allegations from @yungshame, who is says Tracy “roofied and raped” her best friend, leaking text messages, and his phone number [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Known as both Lil Tracy, and simply Tracy, he is one of the top "SoundCloud rappers" in the game. Though he has a few songs that have succeeded, off the platform, SoundCloud is his domain. With that, he's built a large fan base. Tracy is definitely one of