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On The Rise: Max Prez

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer There's nothing that can be taken away from the DMV scene. On top of there being many talented artists, there, a good number of them are right on the verge of becoming big names. Included is Max Prez, who has been putting in work. Max Prez has several

Lyrica Anderson broke up with A1? #LHHH star posts on Snap that she wonders why she never had a side n*gga, and says she’s single [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Anyone who has watched "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" wouldn't be surprised to see Lyrica Anderson and A1 having problems. The couple has not had many happy moments. They joined, during season three, and had immediate problems, because their mothers hated each other. There was an infamous

Team Snapchat is getting Twitter love, this morning, on V-Day, for sending an automated “Happy #ValentinesDay” message to people, making them feel special, as Snapchat got them if nobody else does

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This morning, Team Snapchat is the leading trending topic. That's pretty big, seeing how today is Valentine's Day. Usually, people have V-Day as the leading topic, so they can complain about not having anyone to love, this year. Team Snapchat came through, in the clutch, though. Everybody