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Reginae Carter had an epic clapback on Shooter, from #LHHATL, on a post that had nothing to do with her, talking about his fans, and she said “you’re not famous tho,” and later Reginae said she got hacked: “I don’t even know that man” [PHOTO]

By Jay Mack Staff Writer Even though Shooter was going through it, on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," last season, fans were not rocking with him. The death of his son was emotional and everybody felt for him. But, how he did Sierra, both before losing his son, and after, was

Keely is being blasted by #LHHATL on Twitter, for being all up in Sierra and Shooter’s business, and the fans aren’t here for her now, or next season + Tokyo owns her, calling her “Miss Potato Head” #LHHReunion

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Every now and again, the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise casts a person that's universally liked (Cardi B/Amara La Negra). Then again, they may also bring on a person that is universally hated. Cases of this include the likes of BBOD and Keely. From the jump, BBOD

Spice and Tokyo Vanity are on good terms now! Spice shared apology to Tokyo, as #LHHATL fight scenes aired, and Twitter dragged her for mean and insensitive comments [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Last night, the Spice/Tokyo Vanity fight finally happened. The fans have waited, since the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season premiere to see what caused these two to fight. A few weeks ago, Tabius Tate was proven to be the reason for these two not getting

Spice is being dragged, right now, for her comments about Tokyo Vanity, and her weight; Twitter agrees with Tokyo, that Spice is a few burgers away from being a big girl, herself #LHHATL

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Definitely, Spice was trying it, tonight, and people were having a hard time understanding why. As soon as Tokyo walked in the room, Spice started talking slick. Yes, Spice is with Tabius now, but Tokyo didn't even say anything before Spice jumped all over her. From the