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Freestyle Gone Wrong! Sidney Starr Makes An Attempt To Freestyle In Front Of Rich Dollaz and Jaquae Again and Stumbles Completely; Rich Is Furious And Doesn’t Understand Why Sidney Wasn’t Prepare To Hit The Studio #LHHNY [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Sidney Starr is trying her best to prosper in her music career. Sidney Starr is the newest cast member on Love and Hip Hop NY. And, she has already revealed that she’s a transgender. Earlier this season, Starr sat with aquae and Rich Dollaz for a business meeting.

Jaquae is giving Safaree a run for his money, with his facial expressions; #LHHNY fans go in on him for his reaction to Sidney Starr’s freestyle, and finding out she was trans has some fans on Twitter going in, as he still kept staring at her chest

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Tonight, Rich Dollaz set Jaquae up really good, with this Sidney Starr meeting. Rich didn't even let Jaquae know that Sidney Starr was trans and Jaquae was staring all down her shirt. During her freestyle, Jaquae was into it, but her bars made him scratch his

Nya Lee and Sidney Starr… That Escalated Quickly; LHHNY fans loved Nya’s “get a plate” clap back to Sidney’s “I’m hungry” comment and question if a fight with them would be considered a girl fight or man hitting a woman #LHHNY [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Nya lee is back this season, and she has some new music. You may remember Nya lee from the other season of Love and Hip Hop New York, or even from her recent feud with former LHH star, Cardi B.  She is a former stripper turned rapper,

Fans Are Not Here For #LHH New Cast Member Sidney Starr Freestyle “Chick With The D**K”; Calling Her Bars Trash & Saying That They Remember Her From Some Reality Plastic Show #LHHNY [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Everybody wants ton rap nowadays. Love and Hip Hop, gives underground artist a platform to showcase their music talent. While, a very few has made it majority hasn't. And, the main reason is because they can't rap or sing. Sidney Starr is the newest cast member on

50 Cent dated Sidney Starr?? Shauna Brooks goes in on 50 Cent, after he refers to transgender woman as a “punk” and says 50 dated Sidney Starr + Sidney co-signs the post [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Yesterday, 50 Cent angered many in the LGBT community, when he referred to a transgender woman as a "punk." As many know "punk" is a slur, typically aimed at a homosexual man. When 50 Cent used that terminology, he sparked a major debate. But, there was no