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HHV Exclusive: Q The Question brag about SKE “shaking sh*t up” and compares him and Shawn Archer to Kobe and Shaq, adding that’s why they’re winning championships now

By Jay Rich Staff Writer This summer, Q The Question and Shawn Archer have been all over the place. The two have talked a lot of trash about Shawn Archer being the hottest rapper in the streets. With him signed to SKE, that is the hottest label in the game. On Instagram,

Q The Question says “Don’t get mad at us because me and Shawn Archer out here running S**T,” as Shawn Archer has “Everybody Won’t Make It” dropping in days

By Jay Rich Staff Writer In Philly, the hip hop scene is super competitive, but Shawn Archer is managing to stand out. Somewhat controversial, as IG comments from the streets, Shawn Archer is receiving a lot of backlash. But, this is something Shawn Archer and Q The Question are embracing. SKE Records

Shawn Archer has silently put in a lot of work, is he the next King of Philly? | HHV Artists to Know

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer In Philly, there is a deep history of hip hop, as Philadelphia produced one of hip hop's first successful rapper-turned-actors. The years since then have consistently seen Philly dominate rap. Recently, the city went through a resurgence, courtesy of some big names. Shawn Archer isn't a newcomer,