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Tommie receives tons of support from #LHHATL fans on Twitter, as she comes to terms with her alcoholism; Fans tell Tommie to chill out and urge her to embrace her family

By Ricki Says Staff Writer With everything going on, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was overlooked, tonight. But, tonight's episode did see Tommie return to the show, but not before she went back to therapy. When she spoke with the therapist, she was honest, admitting she's an alcoholic. From the beginning of

Tommie and Versace just can’t get along! SMH, #LHHATL fans say they, and Samantha, have deeply rooted issues, but Tommie should apologize, too + Fans believe she’s only mad because Versace won their fight

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Every season, of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Tommie reveals a little bit more about herself. Last season, the introduction of Samantha, her mother, explained a lot. This season, the sibling rivalry with Versace, her sister, is playing out. On the first episode of the season, Tommie

Versace is the #LHHATL fan favorite, everybody’s saying that Tommie’s little sister is beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, and, yes, Versace is really her name + Her fight with Tommie aka Tasha

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When Tommie came onto "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," a lot of the guys liked her, because of her body. The men often talked about her big butt and showed her a lot of love. Now that they've seen Versace, their little sister, things are different. Versace

Tommie rants on KK, calling her “fake” and accusing her of “f-cking on gay men” after seeing KK’s confessionals about her and her mom on #LHHATL [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Visibly, Tommie was growing annoyed with KK, on the past few episodes of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." Also, it's obvious KK is simply worried about Tommie and wants what's best for her. Why else would she keep forcing Tommie to make amends with Samantha, her